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Our Digital Marketing Company has enthusiastic marketers and certified specialists who are capable of handling all phases of Digital Marketing – from Search to Content to Social Media to SEO and everything in between. Each one of us lives by our motto of #Digital Superiority and knows what it takes to win.

Keyword Research

We determine which strategic keywords you should set that draws potential clients.

Website Analysis

Traditional Digital Marketing Company gives plain analytics tools to assist your track and analyze traffic data only.


Backlinks have always been the valuable thing to take your site up the rankings and attaining more traffic.

A great Website Means great User Experience

The website must be appealing and exact.

Design, tag and icons should work flawlessly every time, for every user, in every situation.

Edge Digi Tech combines a mix of technical and designing strategy at the outset of your website in order to assess the scope, technical requirements, approach, brand image and workability. This builds trust in your potential clients.

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Strategic Control


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We are the only Digital Marketing Company that works on 100% results-driven approach. We work on simple policy that if we can’t get results for you then we will not accept your project. Since we don’t agree with wasting a single minute as time is the most crucial thing and hence we keep things simple and result oriented.

  • Search Engine Optimization SEO Is all about making your brand visible, the more the number of visitors it gets from the various platform higher the chances of getting business.
  • Pay Per Click Pay Per Click benefits to reach your potential customers online through paid search advertising. PPC is an efficient search engine marketing that allows businesses to gain more traffic and get attention immediately.
  • Social Media Optimization Social Media optimization is the best technique for directing traffic to your website by engaging a range of social media platform and communities like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.
  • Remarketing Remarketing allows you to place target advertisements in front of a specific audience that had earlier visited your website as they surf the internet to keep reminding them about your business.

Higher Client Retention

We extensively analyse, strategise and conceptualise each and every project with knowledge of various technology platforms along with online consumer behaviour for maximum result.

Higher Client Retention

The standard retention period of a client at Edge Digitech is more than 5years, well this figure above the industry average, indicating our success in producing weighable results as well as employee satisfaction.

Serving Market Leaders

Handling segment leaders from past so many years have given us a solid and multi-domain experience with expertise.

Performance Tracking

Our daily, weekly & monthly updates serve you to trace the progress of your website or project along with the back and forth communication.

Team Of Experts

The core team of the Edge Digi Tech comes with a lot of extensive knowledge and experience of Digital Marketing. Being a Digital Marketing firm and oldest player in the market we hire only the best professionals in the industry to produce excellent results for our clients.

Work Dedication

Work dedication is the key that kept us on top for a decade at Edge Digi Tech we never miss deadlines and are always ready to help our clients.

Boost Sales

As we are one of the best Digital Marketing company, we have happily launched many international brands in India also across the sea and aided them to accomplish their Digital Marketing goals in the respective market.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

    List of the most frequently asked questions that we hear from clients, buddies, and strangers.

    Imagine if H&M was just a small clothing store in the locality if dominos had no online presence. Horrible right!

    The Indian online market has reached the fat figure oF 560 Million internet users in June 2017. Presently, a website helps as a powerful & 24×7 friendly visiting card and a brand face too. Practically, if someone wants to buy something they will surely look for it online. We do it, you do it and the rest of the world too. Having your company in the search results gives you attention to your deliver-ability and solidify your brand value.

    Just having a website won’t help you to beat the competition and reach out to your targeted customers. Edge Digi Tech puts out a step-wise guide to get your business more enriched through Digital Marketing by services like Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Social Media Marketing etc.

    Search engines poke & index millions of pages daily. The foremost purpose is to provide search results that are relevant to the user’s query (keyword matches, basically). So we put the right keywords and suitable content that takes you on the first page of the Search Engine.

    ‘Responsive’ known as website design that is user and device friendly; Edge Digi Tech uses the best technology to provide responsiveness. Pick something Vibrant, Aesthetic that reflects your brand images and discuss with our development team to customize each page as per your liking.

    In the online network today, websites should be smooth & code based. The Edge Digi Tech development team guarantees the jerk-free user experience through dynamic, CMS based, mobile-optimized websites and this all is needed to compete.

    Social media works as the best platform to create brand awareness and getting customers. We at Edge Digitech makes your brand dominant on all the social media platforms so you can unlock all the boons of social media.

    Edge Digi tech formulates each project strategy as per your targeted audience type. Every communication plan has a particular form of action, notably for guaranteed results. Certainly, exact and effective solutions will be given to see the results in the minimum time.

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