Top Trending Technologies For Website Design In Australia

by edgedigitech
08/Dec/23 23:18 PM

Every day thousands of types of websites are being released globally. Making your website noticeable is a really challenging task. Latest technologies and trends are outfitted with great user interface and attributes. These features will offer more radiant to users and is handy in managing them.

The best web design services Australia is growing every day with the advancement in technologies. The website brings a lot of business if taken care of correctly and helps in making you worldwide visibility by sharing your product and services throughout the globe. Websites with great Graphics, Illustrations, UI&UX, and Responsiveness, will certainly assist in achieving an excellent conversion. In addition, Performance and User-Friendliness play a major role in the website’s success.

Here are top trending technologies for website design that will influence Web Development Domain in the current decade. The thriving internet world has millions of websites operating to intensify the competition and to bring the business perceptible universally.

To become a part of this advancement, you need to implement and follow innovative and the latest web development technologies and trends. But how? It is quite difficult to assume or keep the website design trends that will be a major game-changer in the coming years while developing the website. But not to worry, after a lot of deliberate thinking, we have prepared a list of web development technologies and website design trends that are here to stay in 2020 and beyond.


Mobile usage has taken over the desktop usage and this is the reason why developers and web designers have adopted the mobile-first perspective. Making the mobile version of the business is given the importance and technologies are being designed to make good user experience (UX). Search engines like Google, rank websites by the quality and speed of the mobile sites. Mobile sites that foster user-interaction through gestures will improve the time users spend scrolling a website.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is utilised as the web development technologies to enhance the overall performance of the websites including the content and ads. This also improves the user experience and website speed when opened in mobiles.


Progressive Web Apps is a great concept as the latest web development technologies by leveraging technological advancement. Many business giants like Amazon have introduced the concept of PWA and has witnessed a tremendous increase in traffic and conversions.

Based on the internet evolution and adoption of HTML 5, PWAs are enhancement strategy to create cross-platform web applications. PWAs facilitate flawless user experience to load websites instantly regardless of the network state.

Push Notifications

To leverage the privileges of online marketing, mobile websites with push notifications are really becoming handy. Push API is a great tool to engage visitors and users to inform them about new deals and discounts. These customer-centric actions are a great way to hold the user and offer a delightful user experience.

Motion UI

Motion UI makes the user interface expressive and convenient to use by employing simple animations and power of motions to direct the user’s attention on one piece of information at a time. This updated version of UI had become limelight among the major web development technologies. Motion UI includes built-in transitions, animations, and flexible CSS that can work with any JavaScript animation library to make prototyping easy.

Website design trends have provided a way to create more expresses interfaces by adding transitions and animations into your designs.

Video Backgrounds

Video clips on the website background get on growth in popularity and have been shown to raise engagement and conversions. Several brands like Facebook and Instagram are prioritizing video clip web content which is because of the favourable effects on the metrics mentioned over. Video backgrounds can promptly communicate what your service is about. Video backgrounds can also help significantly with branding and boost the number of visitors that go back to your website. Video clip and specifically video backgrounds have actually been revealed to raise the time that site visitors stay on your site and boost conversions.

Future Prospects

An unattractive website or an outdated one would certainly make your target users bounce. As you know, Impression Matters, web design and web development technologies affect your business and audience. It is the first thing they see concerning your business, so it should certainly make a good impact. You need to contemplate, is your website user-friendly? Welcoming and User-Friendly? Easy to navigate with? And most significantly, is it SEO-friendly? So, that more clients can find and engage with your business.

Hope this article on web development technologies and website design trends in Australia and universally prove to be beneficial when you create or redesign your website.

Top 5 Web Design Trends In Australia 2020

by edgedigitech
08/Dec/23 23:18 PM

Well, 2020 is here, the start of a new decade, new beginnings, and a lot of innovations and advancement to be seen in the technology world. Like most things, there are certain changes and variations are expected to happen in the field of web design as well. Web design trends 2020 can be seen to be more responsive, with the developments in the technologies and growing needs of the user.

Within the past couple of years, the significance of websites within the business has grown substantially. As a result of this transforming power shall we claim, there is a tremendous increase in the latest web design ideas. From those one web page websites that started out approximately 15 years ago to all the latest, innovative and advanced websites that are easy on the eye and cater to the needs and demands of nearly every user; web design has actually witnessed substantial development in the recent years.

User-friendly, insightful as well as easy to navigate have been words to dominate web design in the past couple of years, nonetheless, Web Development 2020 has actually revealed a couple of new and anticipated innovations to seek.

Let’s have an in-depth look at the latest web design ideas and trends that are going to bring variations to this new decade.

Gradient 2.0

The exaggerated the number of white backgrounds and practically no colour scheme led to the era of ultra minimalism. Users got bored with the dull designs that dominated the world for a long period of time. This led to innovation in the field of web design trends and web development. Designers carried out various experiments throughout these years. One style that caught the eyes and became the limelight was Gradients. From the soft and delicate tones in 2015 that brought some amount of depth and profundity to many exotic and saturated hues in 2018 to fascinating tones in 2019, gradients have started to replace boring and flat colours already.

Gradients are very versatile tools when categorized as the latest web design ideas and trends. But compared to the gradients in the past 2-3 years, the new generation gradient hailed as ‘Gradient 2.0’ will not simply influence the foreground or the layout; they will be consolidated into all slants of design, encompassing backgrounds, typography, illustrations, and much more. Many big brands like Instagram, Spotify, and others have already embraced the gradient trend to offer more depth and eye-catching designs. They are here to stay and entrenched!

Abstract Illustrations

Abstract illustrations are no more buzzword. And in 2019 we have seen a drastic boom in Illustration as the latest web design ideas and trends. Illustrations have become the spotlight in the very recent years. Many popular brands and companies have brought illustration into their websites as their visual language.

An illustration is done to bring out the best in colour schemes, typography, images and more. And the best part is they cannot be copied. Well yes, competitors can copy the images and make changes into colour schemes and typography but not in your illustration style, interpretation or visual explanation. It seems that in the real world of web design trends 2020, illustration tends to perform many functions including clarity and decoration. Illustrations can turn a website into something unique, expressive, and creative that has the power to transmit ideas universally.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes ruled many websites in 2019 as design, navigation elements, framing components. In web design and web development 2020, we can clearly see a resonance in geometric shapes that can be soon seen on almost all the major websites. These not only make the websites attractive but create an appealing visual divider between sections within the web design and layout. This trend works great with Gradients 2.0 and Illustrations. You can find a number of inspirations from the shapes found in nature to make your website more comprehensive and ergonomic.

Pseudo-3D Design

For a long time, we have seen 3D designs and objects in various games and entertainment projects. Today, 3D and Pseudo 3D designs can be seen as a major web design trends 2020. With the rise of processing powers of the devices we have today, you can see these latest web design ideas and trends becoming easily adaptable on websites with desktop and mobile-friendliness.

Scroll-Generated Websites

Scroll-generated websites trace the user’s passage as they scroll up and down the page and confer contextually-relevant information. Scroll generated websites utilize the power and advancement of animation and propose dynamism in user interactions.  Creative scroll-generated websites allow you to customise the pace, delivery, and interactivity of the context. Scroll-generated websites have become a core interaction design element among the latest web design ideas.

Future Prospects

Web development 2020 is working towards developing websites with Gradients, Hero video headers, illustrations, Web GL-powered animations, long-scrolling and 3D designs for creating a memorable and interactive web design.

The significance of websites within the business in the past few years grew tremendously and will no doubt continue doing so as we proceed, which is why it is important to ensure you continue to include top and the latest web design ideas in 2020 and further and offer your users with what they demand and anticipate.